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Privacy Policy

Protection Of Personal Information

At Portfolio Strategies Corporation (PSC) we are committed to protecting the privacy of all client personal information that we collect and maintain to allow us to do business with you. This notice outlines how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information when we conduct business on your behalf. Please read this notice carefully as it is required by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) and similar provincial privacy legislation.

What is personal information?

It is information that would allow a specific individual to be identified. It may include your name, address, telephone number, Social Insurance Number, date of birth, account numbers and holdings, as well as the name, address, and Social Insurance Number of your spouse, partner, and beneficiary. If you have a systematic withdrawal plan or pre-authorized payment plan in place your bank account numbers would constitute additional personal information about you.

When is personal information collected?

It is collected when you open an investment account with PSC, provide instructions to PSC and its investment suppliers about an existing investment account, apply for an investment loan, or request information about the investments that you have made with us. Where is personal information stored? Your personal information is processed and stored in paper format in secured client files. It is also held in our back office database system where access is strictly controlled by a logon and password system.

Why is personal information collected, held, used and disclosed?

Who has access to personal information?

PSC Advisors and administration staff may have access to personal information held in a client file or our database provided they have a specific need to know this information for the administration of an account. PSC does not give, rent, or sell any client information to any organization or individual unless required by law.

PSC may convey your personal information to another financial institution or service provider with your specific consent.

Can clients access their personal information and rectify any inaccurate information?

Clients may make a written request to access personal information contained in their client file at any time. Clients may verify their personal information and correct any inaccurate information in writing.

Do clients have to provide their Social Insurance Number?

PSC cannot open investment accounts for individuals without a Social Insurance Number. Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CRA) requires financial product providers to have your Social Insurance Number when submitting tax reports to the CRA.

Who should be contacted about Personal Information Protection matters?

You may contact the Privacy Compliance Officer by mail at:

Portfolio Strategies Corporation
1850 14 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2T 3S9


by telephone at 1-(877) 303-3233.