Advisor Overview

Are you a successful advisor in the life business who wants to offer your clients top quality investment advice? You want to do what is right for your client without conforming to the proprietary-focused “fund-of-the-month” pushes, and you also don’t need to be told how to run your business. Maybe you’ve had enough of your dealership’s hype, rather than focusing on supporting advisors.

With the Portfolio Strategies Advantage, you’ll have the flexibility to grow your business at your own pace while having access to leading industry tools, resources and expertise. As a Portfolio Strategies advisor, you’ll receive simple and flexible payouts, real world product support, customized portfolios, maximum income strategies, and regular sales support. You can differentiate your practice through an affiliation with Portfolio Strategies, one of the largest independent investment and insurance dealerships in Canada, as you develop your own business and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit with a quality organization that puts its money where your needs are.

Streamline Your Business

At Portfolio Strategies we believe in providing advisors with the support they need so they can focus on what is most important: their client service.

We offer back office support to free up your time so you can focus on better servicing your clients’ needs. We also offer all the technology you want, with the support you need. You will have access to a Winfund-based platform to streamline your administrative workload, and we take care of the account reporting and commission tracking so that you can focus on your business. At Portfolio Strategies you’ll be armed with the latest technology to make your business run smoother, including:

  • Client and advisor reporting
  • Account management
  • Commission tracking
  • Qualified technical support

Transitioning your Practice to Portfolio Strategies

Don’t let the fear of moving slow you down! In addition to our detailed pre-transition practice analysis, administrative support and common sense compliance, Portfolio Strategies offers re-establishment resources. Portfolio Strategies transition services will make your move smoother and faster when we handle the licensing and reconciliation. From anticipating business procedures and software conflicts to preparing client communications and dealership training, our transition services team will ensure that your move is as quick and seamless as possible.