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Financial products and services designed for all Canadians.

We offer a complete suite of competitive investment products including mutual funds, ETFs, exempt market products, and segregated funds.

Our advisors have the freedom to create a wide array of solutions to help their clients achieve their financial goals.
Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are available in a wide range of Canadian and international options to help investors build a well diversified portfolio for thier retirement.
Private Capital Markets

Private capital investment products help our clients add an extra level of diversification and risk management to their overall financial strategy.


An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a pooled investment fund similar to a mutual fund. ETFs track specific indices, sectors, commoditys, or other assets, and can be purchased or sold on a stock exchange just like regular stocks.


A guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) is often purchased for retirement plans because they provide a low-risk fixed rate of return and are insured, to a degree, by the Canadian government.


High interest savings accounts (HISA) offers a higher interest rate than a traditional chequing or savings account.

Segregated Funds

A segregated fund is a type of investment vehicle offered by Canadian insurance companies. This investment is similar to a mutual fund in that account holders have the ability to experience capital appreciation on their investment.


Any arrangement whereby PSC is paid or receives a fee. Products and services may include mortgages and lending, tax and accounting, discount brokerage, reverse mortgage, and high net worth investment strategies.

Flow Throughs

Companies in sectors like mining and resources can deduct exploration and development expenses. They are allowed to pass on the tax deduction to investors through a special type of common share called a flow-through share.

Liquid Alternatives

These are in simple terms, hedge-fund strategies in a mutual fund wrapper.