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As one of the largest Independent Mutual Fund and Exempt Market Dealers in Canada, Portfolio Strategies is uniquely positioned to provide the responsive and professional support that independent financial advisors deserve. We provide exceptional administrative support, annual conferences, a common sense approach to compliance, and access to a wide array of products, services, and customized solutions to help you and your clients achieve financial success. But more than that, we are in the business of supporting our independent advisors. Portfolio Strategies is entrepreneurial in nature, and our advisors are free to do business their own way. Our dealership will hold your hand when you need it, and provide you with top quality professional help, but we won’t twist your arm into doing business our way. We don’t have sales quotas and we’ll never tell you how to run your business. For us, quality is paramount: we work best with quality people who provide quality advice and who demand quality service.

There are many reasons to join Portfolio Strategies Corporation

It’s time to get serious about building your investment business.  
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Portfolio Strategies Corporation Products

Portfolio Strategies offers a complete suite of competitive investment and life insurance products including mutual funds, exempt market products, and segregated funds.
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